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To protect your IP and reduce revenue leakage, we recommend the following:

Assess whether your existing license agreement protects and maximizes the value of your IP Library. This includes a cost/benefit review to improve agreement terms and identify niche opportunities to develop or reinforce relationships with business partners,

Ensure that agreement terms and structure are in line with the company’s business model,

Design an effective model to secure best practices and mitigate licensing violations or revenue leakages,

Identify areas of focus since different attention is required for each business. Agree and plan suitable audit strategies to provide companies with the highest level of confidence and transparency towards their licensing partners,

Build upon and grow a tailored compliance program. Help provide necessary tools & training to reduce risks, improve reporting efficiencies going forward, and guarantee a full compliance to the agreements over the long term,

Review licensees’ controls and perform a thorough royalty review. Use customized forensic audit techniques to lead review for any type of licensing agreement and to perform an exhaustive royalty examination.

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